Performance Schedule


May 12th: 11:30am - 3:30pm Pop Up New York

May 20th: 12pm - 4pm Pop Up New York 

June 1st: United Nations Peace Keepers Wreath-laying Ceremony

July 15th - 21st: Hampton University Summer Band Camp

August 9th - 22nd: Hampton University Collegiate Band Camp

Sept 1st, 11:30am - 3:30pm: Washington Square Park Pop Up New York

Sept 3rd, 11:30am - 3:30pm: 30th Ave Astoria, Queens  Pop Up New York

Sept 9th: Central Park West 75th street, 7am-10am Komen Race for the Cure

Sept 9th, 12pm - 4pm: 3rd Ave 72nd street, Upper East Side  Pop Up New York

Sept 12th - 16th:  Houston, Texas Colour of Music Festival!

Sept 28th: 10 Hudson Yards

Sep 29th: UES Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Oct 22th: South Carolina State University Trumpet Masterclass

Feb 22nd, 2019: Eisenberg- Fried Concerto Competition Winner's Concert!

Grand Central  Schedule


Shuttle "S" Train

Monday, Oct 1st: 6am-9am 

Tuesday, Oct 2nd: 6am - 9am

Wednesday, Oct 3rd: N/A

Thursday, Oct 4th: 6am - 9am

Friday, Oct 5th:6am - 9am


Lexington Entrance  (4,5 & 6 trains)

Monday, Oct 1st: 4pm-6pm 

Tuesday, Oct 2nd:4pm-6pm

Wednesday, Oct 3rd: N/A

Thursday, Oct 4th: 4pm-6pm

Friday, Oct 5th: N/A